Open Trailer Transport

Open Trailer Transport

Shipping by open transport is faster and more affordable compared to enclosed car transfers.

Our most popular and economical shipping service. We offer affordable open carrier transport, most commonly seen on roadways and delivering to the local dealerships. The cost-effective way to ship cars safely anywhere, and like our Enclosed service, this service is also door-to-door (or as close as possible). Please feel free to request a quote online or call us with questions you may have about our open carriers.

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Door-to-door Service

Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

How does open transport work?

Open car transport services transfer vehicles on long, two-level trailer trucks. To ensure the safety of the cars, drivers strap and pack vehicles in the carrier to reduce vibrations and mobility due to the road’s surface.

Why should I choose an open car carrier?

Shipping by open transport is faster and more affordable compared to enclosed car transfers. It also offers better visibility since the driver can inspect the vehicles more easily while in transit. Since the carrier truck is lighter compared to enclosed carriers, it also uses less fuel, which is better for the environment.

What is the cost of hiring an open car carrier?

The price will depend on different factors: Vehicle size. The size of the car affects the total cost of your transfer fee. Compact cars are more affordable compared to SUVs and minivans. Transport distance. Traveling a long distance from a point of origin can be costly. Also, moves to or from a hard-to-reach area may cost more compared to transport from major metropolitan areas. Time of the year. Hiring open car transport is more expensive during the summer since trucks book up fast. It’s more affordable to transport cars during the winter season (except on holidays).

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