Vehicle Transport FAQs

How long will it take to get my car?

The major factors in determining how long your vehicle transport will take are distance and the number of stops. Typically the longer the distance for the transport the longer it will take the driver to deliver the vehicle. In addition to the distance, the number of stops the driver will have to make will also play a factor in delivery time. Uncontrollable factors such as mechanical breakdowns, unfavorable weather conditions and traffic situations, can also cause delays. Department of Transportation regulations can also affect the delivery time. There are many State and Federal regulations that our drivers must comply with. These regulations include restrictions on the amount of daily and weekly time the drivers can log as on duty and driving. Additionally the drivers are required to conduct daily truck safety inspections and do routine maintenance as needed. We are aware of how important your vehicle is to you, and we will provide you with a realistic time frame for delivery.

Our goal is to have every vehicle delivered within 14 days on coast to coast moves, 7 days or less for coastal routes. It could be delivered sooner, but that is our ultimate goal for every vehicle.

How much will it cost to move my car?

Vehicle transport pricing is determined by a few factors like origin, destination, vehicle size and the level of service chosen. We will always try to execute your move as cost effectively as possible. Over the phone quotes are always more accurate and your transport representative is ready for your call.

What type of truck will haul my car?

In most cases, vehicles will be taken on by a multiple car-carrier. These car-carriers are open, have two levels, and hold between seven and ten vehicles. For an additional cost, specialty transport can be arranged in an enclosed truck. These carriers protect vehicles from inclement weather and road conditions. Enclosed auto transport is recommended for vintage, custom, classic, exotic, or prototype cars that need protection while traveling.

Can I track my vechile while in transport?

Customers will be given pickup and delivery information and an update once the vehicle is en route. Live updates are not available as the Department of Transportation requests that calls to the driver are limited. 

When should I schedule my transport?

Earlier is better. The sooner you schedule your pick-up, the more likely we will be able to meet your delivery time frame.

Is Carworx Transport bonded?

Yes. We are bonded under Certificate Number: MC#578661.

Are the pick-up and delivery dates guaranteed?

Be aware that this industry is affected by many factors that may create delays. Waiting for earlier customers at pick-up or delivery, weather, and mechanical problems are among the issues. We do our best to accommodate your schedule, and try to work within a three- to seven-day time frame to accommodate your request. Immediate pickups are available at an additional cost. All pick-up times, transport times, and dates quoted are calculated on averages and not guaranteed.

Will my car stay on the same truck during transit?

Your vehicle will stay on the same truck with the same driver for the duration of the trip unless something unforeseen happens to the original truck or driver; i.e., a mechanical breakdown or illness.

Can I load personal items in my car?

By law, transporters are not permitted to haul personal items in a vehicle. Trucks are weight-limited and are weighed in each state they travel across. There can be fines for being overweight. Also, most companies will not insure any items inside the vehicle. It is best to send your car empty on a truck. Items such as spare tires, jacks, small tool kits, manuals and other standard equipment that come with the vehicle are an exception and are okay for transport. Any items left in the vehicle are totally at the owner's personal risk. Under NO circumstances can the car contain firearms, hazardous materials, illegal substances, or contraband.

Is my vehicle insured?

Yes. Your vehicle is covered by the carrier's cargo insurance for up to the vehicle's market value.

Will my car be driven?

The transport driver will drive your car on and off the truck, and may have to unload and re-load the vehicle several times during transport, to optimize space on the trailer. Your car should not be driven otherwise. It is a good idea to note odometer readings at pick-up and delivery. Discrepancies should be noted on the delivery receipt, and signed off by the driver,

What if my car gets damaged?

If damage occurs, inform the driver of the damage, mark the damage on the driver's BOL and call us immediately. We will liaise as necessary with the carrier and make every effort to resolve any issues.

How should I prepare my car for transport?

Make sure the vehicle is in running condition, or there may be an extra charge for an inoperable vehicle. Your car should have at least six inches of ground clearance. If your vehicle is a sports car and particularly low to the ground, it is a good idea to mention it when requesting a quote. You should have your car thoroughly cleaned, and checked for any dents or damage your car may already have. DO NOT fill your gas tank. A quarter tank or less is more than enough. Disable all alarm systems on the vehicle. Remove ez-pass or fast lane tool badges, and make sure antennas are fully retracted or removed. Any other parts that are loose and present the potential of flying off should also be removed.

Should I choose a open or enclosed trailer?

An open trailer is uncovered and is more frequently used. These are normally cheaper than enclosed trailers. Note that with an open trailer, your vehicle will be exposed to the elements of nature while being transported. An enclosed trailer has a covered freight area and is most commonly used when transporting an expensive luxury vehicle that you wish to protect.

Choosing to ship your valuable vehicle via enclosed trailer protects it from the elements of the road, and offers a higher level of security, our drivers have years of experience in handling high-end vehicles.

We offer 6-7 car hardside lift-gate trailers that can fit three cars on the upper deck and three on the bottom. One car, as well as two-car haulers, are available for hotshot and expedited time-sensitive loads.

What is the bill of lading and condition report?

The Bill of Lading (or Freight Bill) is the contract between you the customer and the carrier. This report provides pick-up and delivery information, current vehicle mileage, and the condition of the car (aka Condition Report). After both you and the driver have signed the Bill of Lading, you should receive a copy of the report. The same document will be presented at time of delivery of the vehicle.

Does Carworx Auto Transport require a non-refundable deposit?

We do not.

Must I be present at the pick-up or delivery of my vehicle?

Yes, you or a designated person must be present at pick-up and delivery. If you are not able to attend the scheduled appointment, you may contact our office ahead of time with the name of the designated person in charge of your vehicle.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can call our toll-free number during business hours and we will try and track the progress of your vehicle's transport.

How do I make payment?

Complete our payment form here. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, cashier's check or money order for deposit. For the balance due upon delivery, our car carrier companies accept cash, money order or cashier's check.

How do I get a quote?

Request a quote online here online here Or Call TOLL FREE 800.772.1875 LOCAL: 425.392.2426 TOLL FREE FAX: 877.422.8657 EMAIL: